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About us

At Cornerstone Community Church, we are a community of believers who strive to live out our faith in Jesus Christ. We believe in the power of prayer and the importance of communicating with God. Our fellowship is centered around attributing worth to God, and we care about addressing the needs of others. We also believe in the importance of preaching and teaching scripture, as well as in the value of relating to and enjoying one another. Our worship services are focused on giving hope to people who need it, and we welcome all who seek to know more about God and His love.   We have a team of dedicated pastors who lead our church and help guide our members in their faith. Meet our pastors below:

Our Pastors:
Pastor Alex Gordon

Lead Pastor

Pastor Dianne Taylor

Director of Women's Ministry

Pastor Thomas Williams

Pastor of Youth Ministry

Pastor Eric Stone

Family Pastor

Pastor Jennifer Sorrell

Team Youth Director

Pastor Edna Doyle

Worship Arts Pastor

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